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42 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 11-by-2-inch front brakes and a folding windshield. The open roadster (body code 96) retailed for just $2,404 and tipped the scale at 2,750 pounds. Ford built 4,090 of these models the first year. The Bronco sport utility vehicle (body code 97) looked like a small pickup. It had an all-steel, bolted-on, removable roof over the front seat. The side doors had roll-up windows. The compact rear cargo area held up to 32.1 cubic feet of freight. This model stickered for $2,480 and weighed 2,955 pounds. Production was 6,930 units. The wagon (body code 98) was the most luxurious Bronco. It had a full-length roof and large quarter windows. It had a $2,625 retail price and weighed 3,025 pounds. This was the most popular Bronco with a run of 12,768 vehicles. The Bronco VIN is located on the rating plate. The serial number and engine number match. The first to third symbols indicate series: U13 1/2-ton Bronco road- ster 3,900-4,700 pounds GVW with four- wheel drive. U14 1/2-ton Bronco sport utility 3,900-4,700 pounds GVW with four-wheel drive. U15 1/2-ton Bronco wagon 3,900-4,700 pounds GVW with four-wheel drive. The fourth symbol indi- cates engine: F=170-ci 6-cylinder (Bronco only). The fifth symbol indicates assembly plant: A=Ontario, Canada; D=Dallas, Texas; E=Mahwah, New Jersey; H=Lorain, Ohio; K=Kansas City, Kansas; L=Michigan Truck; N=Norfolk, Virginia; P=Twin Cities, Minnesota; R=San Jose, California; S=Allen Park, Michigan; U=Louisville, Kentucky. The other numbers are the consecutive unit number starting at 100,001 at each factory. Bronco used an inline-six with overhead valves and four main bearings. Bore and stroke was 3.50 x 2.94 inches for 170-ci. With 9.10:1 compression and a single downdraft carburetor it made 105 hp at 4,400 rpm and 158 foot-pounds of torque at 2,400 rpm. A 289-ci V-8 was extra. It had a 4.00 x 2.87-inch bore and stroke and 8.70:1 compression ratio. With a two-barrel car- buretor it made 195 hp at 4,600 rpm and 288 foot-pounds of torque at 2,600 rpm. BRONCOS THROUGH THE YEARS The 1967 Bronco looked about the same as the '66. However, a few changes were BRONCO BUCKS A total of 450 of these tri-color Bill Stropped Edition Broncos were built to honor the racer's wins in the Baja 500. This is the 1972 Stropped version. Adam and Rachel Krause are the owners of this 1977 Bronco. These vehicles are making their way to many restoration shops these days. Ford only manufactured 4,090 Bronco roadsters in 1966. This Peacock Blue example belongs to Tim Halick.

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