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46 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 L et's talk about another under the radar product line—brakes. More accu- rately brake systems, which require a little more sales knowledge. Shops of all types can have success selling performance brake systems that not only work well, but look good, too. We went straight to aftermarket suppliers for a market update, asking about every- thing from technology advancements to the hottest new products. They were more than happy to share their tips and tricks to help shops increase their brake business. WHAT THEY NEED Performance brake sales start no differ- ently than most other aftermarket parts sales—by diagnosing the specific needs of each customer. "The most common mistake is not lis- tening to the customer's interest or reported challenges," says Mark Cornwell, vice presi- dent, sales & marketing, for StopTech, a division of Centric Parts. "In many cases, brake work can be driven by price and then the investment to sell the right solution is not completed. The customer misses out on an educational opportunity and in many cases is sold product outside of what they actually need." For instance, Edwin Mangune, motor- sports field manager – North America for Hawk Performance, talks about choosing the proper pad compound. "(We) need to do a better job in quali- fying the customer's needs," he believes. "What is the vehicle's purpose? Is it a daily driver? Are they towing or any other spir- ited driving? If it's for track use, are they looking for better stopping power? Do they want a pad with low dust? Do they want a pad with low noise? Are they looking to increase pad and rotor life? Get familiar with what the customer's goals and expec- tations are." 46 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 It's important that shops un- derstand the specific needs of their custom- ers when recommending brake system upgrades. (Photo courtesy Centric Parts) Stop & Think Knowledge is the key when it comes to selling performance brake systems. By John Carollo JUNE 2018 Brakes p.46 Bumpers, Bars & Grilles p.54 It's Show Time! p. 58 Cadillac Ranch p.62 In-Car Wi-Fi P. 64 Products p. 70

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