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JUNE 2018 THE SHOP 47 Michael Hamrick, events and promo- tions manager for Wilwood, explains why choosing the proper setup is critical. "Wilwood receives a number of calls from customers who've upgraded their brakes but the vehicle is not performing as anticipated. This is simply due to having the right components but not the right trim," he explains. For example, a customer needs front and rear brakes, and plans to run the vehicle on autocross courses and at open track events. However, if the builder/installer does not ask the proper questions, they may end up selling the driver rotors and brake pads for street use. "It is also important to know the type of suspension and rear end," Hamrick continues. "It may be a 1969 Camaro, but that doesn't mean it has that make/ model spindle or sus- p e n s i o n . Wi t h s o many aftermarket suspension compa- nies to choose from, knowing what will work together is very critical. We always urge the owner, and most importantly the builder/installer, to contact Wilwood directly to get the cor- rect (and potentially necessary additional components) to make the brakes perform correctly." Yoni Kellman, sales & marketing man- ager, DBA USA, points out potential prob- lems with trying to piece together indi- vidual products. "Most commonly, we see trouble when the brake components aren't treated as a system," he reveals. "Not every product works to its maximum when paired with other prod- ucts that may not be completely compat- ible. Additionally, the system should be upgraded as a whole to get maximum performance from the upgrade." Once shops understand the strengths of various parts and systems, they also have a much better chance of correctly predicting installation times, notes Bill Fowler, VP development, Baer Brakes. "Under-quoting the cost of a high-performance brake instal- lation is a killer," he says. "The biggest head- ache for most shops is the huge amount of extra time and small parts chasing it takes to install and properly set up most big brake kits, which can arrive semi-finished and not ready for installation." He notes Baer's big brake systems come complete with fully assembled rotors, and all required brackets, stainless hoses, bolts and nuts. Additionally, the company pre- dicts and includes spindle modifications and new hubs when required. Finally, Baer also maintains a full set of templates to ensure the new brakes will fit inside specific wheels. "Brakes are the single most important, potentially lifesaving com- ponent on a car or truck," Offer- ing different performance and pricing levels will at- tract a wider range of customers. (Photo courtesy Centric Parts) New brake components are designed for the needs of today's per- formance vehicles. (Photo courtesy Wilwood) The more knowl- edge a shop has, the more likely it is to recommend the proper components for each application. (Photo courtesy Wilwood)

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