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50 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 Stop & Think number of enhancements over the former Forged Dynalite caliper, (including) larger bolts, going from 5/16 to 3/8 inches, no bridge spacers for changing rotor widths and advancements in forging technology, making the caliper have more integrity." Cornwell cautions that today's complex brake systems could limit modifications on future vehicles. Thankfully, there are to further develop our brake upgrade business. Examples are the early muscle car market and specific platforms that are used for track driving and motorsports. In addi- tion, we are very focused on delivering new components and systems to specific race markets." SALES TIPS One area shops don't want to put the brakes on is sales. So, how can they increase per- formance brake numbers? Wilwood's Hamrick advises working closely with your suppliers. "We urge shops to call if they need help answering a customer's question. Share with us their wants, needs and expectations and let us help you better understand and translate that information back to your customer," he recommends. "Knowledge of brake components is key to earning the trust of your customers, which will ulti- mately lead to increased sales." Baer Brakes' Fowler says show 'em off! "Equip one of your cars or a cooperative customer's car with a really well-dialed- in, ultra-high-performance brake system that you can demo to other prospects," he suggests. "There are few places you can really exercise a 600-, 700- or for that matter plenty of car owners looking for improve- ments today. "At StopTech, we offer kits that are designed to deliver the ultimate in high- performance big-brake upgrades, giving vehicles that supercar performance, look and feel," he says. "We are also focusing on specific platforms and market segments Hot New Brake Products Suppliers share information on their hottest new performance brake products: "The two products we can't keep on the shelf are the Re-Master, Baer's reimagined, refined and reengineered, 100-percent billet master cylinder, and our EradiSpeed rotors, an easy bolt-on upgrade that reduces weight, improves stopping power and adds killer looks behind the wheel. Made for GM, Ford and Mopar, the Re-Master adds top-shelf looks with hard anodized, powder-coated or even polished finishes, exacting CNC machine work, Baer-level performance and a huge range of options. Baer has developed a handy push rod depth gauge tool that makes installation easier, and with the optional integrated proportioning valves your customer will love the new driving experience." BILL FOWLER Baer Brakes "We expect our Sport Axle Packs to be the hottest performance brake products in our StopTech program for 2018. We developed these new bundled kits so our customers would have all the parts they need for a specific job in one package and only need to use one part number to complete the order." MARK CORNWELL StopTech, a division of Centric Parts "We expect our hottest performance brake product for 2018 will be our new Talon performance street rotors, which are coming out early this summer. Talon rotors start with premium-quality castings that meet or exceed OEM specifications. The slot pattern is derived from our proven DTC motorsports rotors. Talon slots dis- sipate heat and shed away debris that will reduce brake fade, rotor distortion and will extend rotor life. They offer improved stopping ability and have aggressive rotor looks behind custom wheels." EDWIN MANGUNE Hawk Performance "DBA recently launched our own line of high-performance brake pads and we are seeing steady growth in that category. We anticipate that this trend will continue as awareness of our pads continues to grow, and buyers look for new pad options from companies they want to do business with." YONI KELLMAN DBA USA "For 2018, Wilwood has released some great new products for a wide range of markets. A highlight was earning a Best New Products Award in the Street Rod/ Custom Car Product category at SEMA 2017 for the new Swing Mount Tandem Brake and Clutch Pedal Assembly. It allows ease of installing a tandem chamber brake master cylinder and hydraulic clutch master cylinder pedal unit to your race or street car project." MICHAEL HAMRICK Wilwood A lot of new technologies and materials are being used in brake systems today. (Photos courtesy DBA USA)

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