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52 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 Stop & Think 1,000-hp car, but you can experience truly great braking every day. Factory brakes are always biased to push— that is, apply way more braking at the front and allow understeer to take the car forward. Well-balanced performance braking creates that on-a-dime feeling when the car feels like it is being sucked to the ground. It's fun!" Another idea is to showcase the cosmetic benefit of a rotor upgrade, he says, and then let customers know that a significant part of the ultra-high- performance system can be achieved in just a couple of hours with a rotor swap. "One other concept is for customers who really want personalization," he concludes. "The Baer ReMaster and all Baer calipers can be finished in an almost endless list of colors, metal coatings and even transparent finishes. This opens up another level of customization and helps separate you and your shop from the competition." Variety is key, says StopTech's Cornwell. "We recommend that performance shops expand their reach and cater to a wide range of customers," he notes. "They should fea- ture both components, axle packs, and big brake kits for specific markets and driving demands. In addition, we offer many pricing options to further expand sales. Some customers may be looking for Brake systems are improving rapidly, offering opportuni- ties for aftermarket upgrades. (Photo courtesy Baer Brakes) race-capable systems with great street performance, while others may want a high-performance package for their daily drive, an aggressive look with clean wheels, or are just looking for good, solid brakes that are quiet, low-dust, perform well and have a good feel." He also suggests offering solutions for trucks and SUVs with high gross vehicle weight and added demands from towing, noting it's important for performance, ser- vice life and safety to install a compatible combination of pads and rotors. Mangune from Hawk Performance rec- ommends working with top-quality sup- pliers, and then letting customers know about the results. "Promote and sell premium quality brands to increase overall profit dollars and reduce customer comebacks," he suggests. "Also, if your shop has a lift, invest in brake ser- vice equipment (i.e. a brake lathe) to sell complete brake job installations. There are a lot of profit dollars to be generated in brake service." DBA USA's Kellman explains that total satisfaction should always be the goal. "Let's face it, brakes aren't always the most exciting modification you can do," he says. "But when you focus on the specific needs of the customer or their intended use, and select the appropriate parts to match these cri- teria, you are guaran- teed a happy customer who will be back for replacement or their next upgrade." Well-balanced performance brak- ing creates that on-a- dime feeling when the car feels like it is being sucked to the ground. Photo courtesy Baer Brakes) Not every product works to its maximum when paired with other products that may not be completely compatible. Ad- ditionally, the system should be upgraded as a whole to get maximum performance from the upgrade. (Photo courtesy DBA USA)

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