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64 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 n this day and age, there's nothing more frustrating than being in a remote area and being without phone service. Actually, there is something even more frustrating—being in a populated area and still not having service! As bad as it can be for a regular person not being able to check into Instagram, the situation is far more imperative for traveling businesspeople who work out of their vehicles. Mobile professionals need their smartphones to take care of business and complete transactions, making a robust signal mandatory. Your customers need to communicate with their customers while on the road— especially to help them pay for their next round of vehicle enhancements! Online banking is crucial for most business owners and the ability to look into their checking accounts is a necessity. If a customer hands a contractor their credit card to swipe on the spot, it looks unprofessional and sketchy to have to take down the information on a piece of paper to run the credit card back at the office. Or, how about a food truck that sets up at a county fair with questionable LTE service? It certainly wouldn't want to turn away customers because the credit card machine cannot communicate with its server. Moreover, mobile professionals get hit with higher service fees for transactions that are not completed by swiping a card (or dipping a card if there is a chip reader available). As these examples illustrate, from simple frustration to people losing out on thou- sands of dollars of sales, boosting the cel- lular/LTE signal and/or adding Wi-Fi in your customer's vehicle is a sought-after offering for mobile electronics retailers. A BIG BOOST One of the best-known companies in cel- lular boosting technology is Wilson Elec- tronics, which markets consumer products under the weBoost brand. Its weBoost Drive Sleek is a cradle specifi- cally engineered to improve 4G LTE signals and 3G cellular signals that accommodates most smartphones. Once techs are versed in the simple installation and the customer is sold on the improvement, the next logical step is to offer it for customers' fun vehicles such as boats, RVs and even UTVs that travel far off the beaten path. Certified by the Federal Communica- tions Commission and Industry Canada, the Drive Sleek is compatible with all mobile phones and wireless carriers in the U.S. and Canada, providing users better call quality, fewer dead zones and faster data upload/download speeds, according to the company. "Consumer experience was the priority while designing this product to make sure the Drive Sleek looks and functions great inside the vehicle," says Bruce Lancaster, CEO of Wilson Electronics. "Regardless of why you or your customers want to stay connected, the Drive Sleek's improved per- formance over previous products will give you a dependable cellular signal, improved data speeds and longer battery life." Wi-Fi & Cellular Giving your customers a signal boost. By Brett Solomon I 64 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 In-Car Wilson Electronics' weBoost Drive Sleek is a cradle specifically engineered to improve 4G LTE signals and 3G cellular signals that accommodates most smartphones. Techs can quickly become versed in the simple installation.

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