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JUNE 2018 THE SHOP 65 According to Lancaster, the Drive Sleek enhances performance due to better cou- pling with new phones and reduced loss from the outside antenna. The booster is compatible with multiple phones and case sizes, and features a minimalistic, low- profile design for a variety of mounting options. The antenna is mounted externally on the roof of the vehicle using a rare-earth Boosting technology provides users better call quality, fewer dead zones and faster data upload/ download speeds. One company offering built-in Wi-Fi along with additional vehicle services is Vinli. The company sells a unit that plugs into the OBD- II port with a monthly subscription fee for built-in Wi-Fi. magnet. The antenna then attaches via a wire to the booster unit. The booster receives the outside signal and amplifies each of the five frequency bands it supports up to 32 times using a series of sophisticated low-noise amplifiers and filters. Finally, the signal is then sent to the Drive Sleek cradle, where the user can enjoy a stronger signal for faster data and clearer call quality.

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