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66 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 The cradle also receives the outgoing signal from the cell phone and transmits a stronger signal back to the tower through the same process. WHY BOOST? Ken Perkins of weBoost talks about the frustration of not being able to get a solid signal and how a booster can help. "When we're in our car on the move and we can't get or keep a reliable cell signal we tend to get really frustrated, because we're used to having that connection and now we don't," he explains. "When this happened to us a few years ago, we used to blame it on the cell tower, like there weren't enough cell towers or not a cell tower close enough for us to get a solid connection. But now we know it can happen almost anywhere—even in populated areas blanketed with cell towers—because of all the obstacles that can block cell signals from reaching our phones." When this happens the first step is to safely pull over and try the call from a stationary position—first inside, and then safely outside When customers traveling in rural areas get frustrated, there are retailers they can turn to for a professional booster and/or Wi-Fi installation. The trick is getting the word out there. Jeremy Lambertson is president of Driven Sound & Security in Northern Michigan, where the state's Upper Pen- insula is notorious for poor cellular and 3G/4G service. "We use Wilson weBoost cell and data boosters. The installations are relatively straightforward and we take it a step further by hiding everything including the amplifier and antenna wiring," Lambertson says. " The antenna must be mounted on the exterior of the vehicle, and after that it is pretty easy stuff, in my opinion." His clients are big fans. "We have only had one customer who felt it should perform better. Unfortu- nately, he could not grasp that if there is absolutely no signal to boost, it will not work." In cases like this, customers can be walked through the process of extracting the smartphone menu that shows the signal strength of their loca- tion—if there is signal present at all. (Most smartphones can display signal strength in much more detail than the bars on the top of the screen.) Meanwhile, Louis Gonsalez of Bay Area Audio Visions in Corpus Christi, Texas has customers who work out West in the oil fields. "We have even done booster systems for mobile homes that get taken out to the oil rigs," he reveals. He also relies on the weBoost product line. "We hardwire the amplifier and external antenna for a clean look. As long as there is any kind of signal, there is an improvement," he says. "In fact, we know it works, because we have our customers come back and tell us that their buddy wants to jump into their car to plug their phone into the booster—otherwise there is no recep- tion at all!" —Brett Solomon In-Car Wi-Fi & Cellular Electronics retailers are finding success selling in-vehicle cellular boosting technology. We Can Give You a Boost Built-in Wi-Fi can be as close as the OBD-II port.

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