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74 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 W hether you've been in business one year, five, 10, 20, or more, your upcoming company anniversary is more than just a day to celebrate. This milestone provides an entire year of opportunities to engage customers, vendors, new prospects and the local community as you reflect on past accomplishments and reaffirm your company's commitment to the future. A comprehensive anniversary program has the potential to: • Generate new sales and stimulate repeat business • Boost employee morale and performance • Reinforce your credibility with customers and affiliates • Pump new life into existing products and services • Provide an ideal atmosphere to launch a new product or service • Distinguish your company from your competition • Foster goodwill within your community • Recognize your achievements within your industry • Encourage future success for your company Many shops underestimate the marketing potential of a properly executed anniversary program. Or, management becomes so overwhelmed by the possibilities that it gets stuck before it even gets started. Here are five actions you can take now to ensure your company gives this important milestone the attention it deserves. NOW WHAT? Time for a sale-a-bration. By Jhan Robert Dolphin 74 THE SHOP JUNE 2018

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