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JUNE 2018 THE SHOP 75 1 ORGANIZE AN ANNIVERSARY PLANNING TEAM Recruiting a couple moti- vated individuals from your staff is the first step in developing a successful com- pany anniversary program. Enthusiastic employees who participate in planning the program will naturally serve as company anniversary ambassadors. Also, because they can hold each other accountable, this move immediately decreases the chances of any portion of the effort being abandoned. The team can perform a variety of important functions. The first meetings may focus on brainstorming ideas and establishing a budget. As the program progresses, the efforts will become more specific. One person might be in charge of activities such as events, sales, promotions and contests. The other may focus on developing anniversary- related marketing materials. Remember to regroup the team regularly to monitor progress. 2 CREATE A CUSTOM ANNIVERSARY LOGO A custom anniversary logo is a staple in any company anniversary program. This simple visual has the power to immediately convey your company's milestone, reinforcing your credibility with customers, vendors and the community. From billboards to email signatures, a custom logo will allow you to easily incor- porate anniversary branding into existing marketing collateral. It will also serve as the unifying element in anniversary-specific materials and the focal point of commemo- rative gifts for employees and customers. Therefore, it should be created early in the planning of your program. In addition, finalizing the custom logo will immediately bring your company anni- versary to life. This will communicate to employees that the milestone is important, and all related endeavors should be pursued in earnest. 3 COMPOSE YOUR ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE Unlike personal milestones, simply announcing your company anni- versary is not enough to get people inter- ested. You must answer the why question. "Why is this anniversary important to your audience?" For example, if your company is cel- ebrating 20 years, your message might communicate reliability and trust. If your young company is approaching five years, you may choose to focus on the organiza- tion's energy and ingenuity. Or, perhaps your business has made some recent strategic moves and you are anticipating a shift that you want to bring attention to. Formalize a brief, one-paragraph state- You company's an- niversary provides an opportunity to en- gage with customers, introduce new services, celebrate the past and more. Embracing these milestones, as outlined by GS Marketing Group in Wis- consin, allows you to make the most of each celebration.

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