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76 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 ment and extract a succinct, one-line tag- line. These components can be used in various channels including public relations, advertising, newsletters, internal commu- nications and other marketing initiatives. Crafting your anniversary message will require some initial effort. However, meeting this challenge early will provide focus, making the development of all anni- versary materials easier and more likely to be properly executed. 4 DEVELOP A LEGACY BROCHURE A legacy brochure is a highly versatile tool that can com- municate your company story to current customers and new prospects. It can be mailed to your customer list, handed out at car shows, sent with outgoing mail and shared electronically. Not only is a legacy brochure relatively easy to develop, it can also be used to estab- lish credibility long after your company anniversary has passed. In addition to featuring your company anniversary logo and message, include an info-graphic timeline in your legacy bro- chure. A visually attractive timeline will quickly communicate your company's lon- gevity, important milestones, achievements and even projected growth. Enhance the timeline with old photos, newspaper clippings, awards and testimo- nials. All elements in the legacy brochure can be easily repurposed for other marketing materials. Therefore, it is beneficial to develop the piece early in the planning process. 5 DECIDE HOW YOU WILL SPREAD THE WORD Don't wait until your com- pany anniversary is already here to decide how to promote it. By plan- ning ahead you'll have all of your bases covered, stay within budget and be able to enjoy the milestone when it arrives. The process is actually quite simple. Start by making a list of all communica- tion outlets available to your organization. For example, your list may include your website, social media, email marketing, public relations, direct mail, store show- room and the phone. 76 THE SHOP JUNE 2018 NOW WHAT? By planning ahead, hardworking shop own- ers like Matt Dinelli of Attitude Performance in Arlington Heights, Illinois, can celebrate their company anniver- saries in style.

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