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June '18

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A&E JUNE 2018 • 11 adjust the power until the laser just barely cuts through the plastic sheet then add 5-8 percent more to the power setting. Lower pulse rate for cleaner edges. When in the vector mode, your laser is pulsing on and off. The setting that adjusts the frequency of the laser pulsing is called rate, frequency, PPI (pulses per inch) depending on the brand of laser you have. When the laser pulsing setting is set too high, it can create excess melting and dis- tortion of the plastic sheet due to the high concentration of laser energy. Lowering the pulse setting reduces the HAZ effect and creates cleaner edges with less melting. BEST PRACTICES: COMBINED JOBS Combining an engraving job with a cutting job, as in the case when making name badges, is a combination of the best practices tips and creating process for pro- duction. Modern laser systems allow for both the engraving and cutting graphic to be printed over to the laser system in one job. Plastic sheet processing requires a slightly different process, which has an intermediate step. Start the project by printing two jobs to the laser, one for engraving and the second for cutting. After running the engraving job, apply the paper mask (transfer tape) to the surface of the plastic sheet. After smoothing out any air bubbles in the mask, run the second job for cutting. The result will be laser cut pieces of plastic sheet that have a mask on them. What you will find is the intermediate step of masking the plastic sheet after engraving saves on post-process cleaning and creates improved edge cut quality, a real win-win to get higher produc- tion output and happy customers. MORE FANTASTIC THAN EVER Developed and refined for over 20 years, plastic engraving sheet materials are now better than ever. With such a wide variety of gauges, colors, textures, and durability characteristics, there are tremendous amounts of markets and opportunities for selling engraved and cut products. Take the time to get samples and new products from your favorite supplier and dial in those set- tings and processes to produce professional results. Plastic sheet products take you into new markets like signage, industrial, and decorative applications, which will increase your sales. Fantastic! A&E 800-826-6332 Find out how producing photo quality gifts & awards can help your business be more profitable... call Condé today! Why shop Condé Systems? Condé offers everything needed to get into the personalized photo gift business including: • Dye-Sub Transfer Systems • Dye-Sub Ink, Paper & Supplies • Heat Transfer Systems • Laser & Ink Jet Transfer Papers • Heat Presses • Blank Imprintable Products • Production Software • Educational Videos • Legendary Technical Support Photo panel options: • Curved Acrylic • Glass • SubliSLATE • Maple • Stretched Canvas • Aluminum

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