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June '18

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26 • A&E JUNE 2018 our business. Most of you will be able to do this with a product that relates directly to your selected business, but there might be a few of you that develop something completely unrelated to your present busi- ness (much like the Hersheys did). That could open up another world to you that could surprise and amaze you. Don't be fearful to try something different. WHY DOES EVERYONE NEED A SIGNATURE PRODUCT? It is important to have an anchor that promotes our business that the public understands. For example, a gas station mainly sells gas, but many sell oil, tires, and all types of service-related products. And some businesses become successful creating and marketing in-house-related products that go national or even inter- national. You, too, can increase your sales and market of many other products that the clients you have now will buy. Our clients might currently buy these products from someone else — maybe they aren't buying them from you because they don't know you can supply them. Many of us in the recognition business now sell promotional products and have found them to be a perfect fit for our clients; we have found after we started selling promotional products that our cli- ents were already buying them somewhere else. (The trophy business started out a little like this same scenario — trophies started selling in jewelry stores because jewelers could engrave them.) Now, many stores who sell trophies and awards also sell thousands of dollars a year in promotional products, which may not be their signature product … but then again it might be. The point is that big doors swing on little hinges. You never know what will lead you to something bigger or even better for you. When I was speaking and presenting seminars for National Business Media (NBM), which I did for over 20 years, I would always walk the show floor after- ward … always. I walked every show every time I spoke not because I wanted the exercise, but I was looking for new product; some suppliers were regional and wouldn't exhibit at every show across the country. Many times, I would stop and marvel at the beautiful work done with the digital graphics at the banner booths. Then, because of Mike Montecalvo of Lamont Awards and Apparel in Spen- cerport, New York, I bought a printer/ cutter, and then I bought another and another and another, and now we have a bank of these machines that has turned into another business. I walked by a small fortune for many years. It is small but nevertheless a successful segment of our business. Think of how you can incorporate new ideas to boost your business — there are a lot of ideas out there at the trade shows. The next time you attend a trade show, let your thoughts become creative and, as my wife Nora has said for years, "Grow your business!" CHOOSING YOUR SIGNATURE PRODUCT Selecting your signature product(s) that you are noted for may change sev- eral times during the life of your business.

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