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28 • A&E JUNE 2018 CORELDRAW FROM A TO E by Jim Sadler If you've been following this column recently, the past two articles have been about fonts and how to utilize them on your computer in ways that can keep you out of trouble. Corel Font Manager is a fairly recent addition to the CorelDRAW suite of programs, and because it makes font life so much easier, it is also easy to develop some bad font habits that can lead to problems. Having shed some light on some of those problems and how to avoid them, I want to focus more in this article on the program itself and how to use it. WHAT YOU SEE… As I described at the end of my previous article (May issue, page 34), the Corel Font Manager window consists of a major panel to the right showing the individual fonts, and a panel on the left showing Libraries including Folders, an Online option and what are called Collections for grouping fonts, and Filters for searching for font characteristics. Whatever folder or filter is selected, the contents (individual fonts) are displayed in the main panel. Above these panels is the Properties bar. As you can see, there is nothing overly complicated about it, so let's look at the individual components. FROM THE TOP… The Properties bar above provides many options: Add Folders, Add Collections, a Trash Can for removing fonts or collections from the Library, Refresh, Install and Uninstall buttons for adding or deleting fonts from the Windows System Fonts folder, a Download button for retrieving fonts from the internet, a Delete button for removing a font from the folder, and a Show Duplicates button for managing duplicate fonts within a folder. T his column is being written to demonstrate practical uses of CorelDRAW for those working within the awards and engraving industry. For those new to Corel, I suggest concentrating on the basics from books, media, seminars or tutoring, with the aim of becoming productive as soon as possible. Earn while you learn. And the most effective way to learn is by repeated use, gaining proficiency and then moving forward adding new skills. These articles try to focus on skills relevant to our readers' needs. Procedure descriptions are somewhat generic due to wide variation in Corel versions. Consult your version documentation as needed. Jim Sadler is a former university professor of computer graphics and a freelance designer. He is currently offering his services as a consultant within the industry. He brings together his expertise in design, computer graphics and industry-related technologies with his ability to com- municate through teaching, technical assistance and, of course, through writing for A&E magazine. Jim can be reached by e-mail at His web address is Managing Those Fonts fig 0 ALL IMAGES COURTESY JIM SADLER

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