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June '18

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A&E JUNE 2018 • 29 Graphic Design These are followed by a box in which you can type a phrase that all of the fonts will use to display their characters. This is helpful in making decisions about which font will best express the character of the content. For instance, if "war" was typed in, you would be able to see that word in any font so you could select the most appropriate one for that word. This box is followed by a Search box where you could type in Palatino, for instance, to find that particular font. There is also one more button to the right of the Search button that opens a Font Details panel containing all the juicy details about a selected font. (fig 1) TO THE RIGHT… Let's explore the Font Display Panel located on the right. First, though, a word about font styles. A font is the ultimate version of a set of uniquely rendered letters designed with an overriding consistency of form. All the letters, numbers, etc., look like members of the same family. This family generally contains upper- and lower- case letters and numbers as well as some basic punctuation. In addition, seldom- used characters are developed, referred to as glyphs, which can be added to or substi- tuted for the standard characters as needed. An example might be a special accented letter from a foreign language, ligatured letters such as a combined A and E, rarely used punctuation, or symbols. These are all part of a single font. For practical purposes, many fonts have related variations to the font such as a small caps and italic variant. There is nothing automatic about these variants. Since the letter shapes are necessarily dif- Materials Expertise Beyond Lasers We have everything you need to build your business Laser Systems Empower yourself with a Trotec w w w w Call us today 866-226-8505

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