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32 • A&E JUNE 2018 Windows System Fonts folder using the Install icon in the Properties bar. However, CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT can use fonts not installed in your Windows System Fonts folder as long as you can show them in your Fonts panel. When you open the Fonts dropdown in the Properties bar of either CorelDRAW or PHOTO-PAINT, a side panel appears, allowing you to select any of the folders or collections from your Corel Fonts folder. Whichever is selected, its fonts become available to you to choose even though not installed in your Windows System Fonts folder. Keep in mind, though, that unless a font is installed, that font will not be able to be used by any other software on your system. (fig 5) Corel now keeps its clipart, photos, fonts, etc., online. Another option under Libraries is Online, which lets you connect with the internet for downloading fonts; under Online is a direct connection to Corel's long list of free fonts via Content Exchange. When this is selected, you can view Corel's font libraries in your Font panel. When you select a font or fonts that you want, you can download it/them via the Download Icon in the Properties bar. Collections allows you to create personal- ized folders of fonts that might be favorites, job-specific, or any categories that make sense to you. When you click on a collection, only those fonts display in your fonts panel. You will also be able to access your collections from DRAW and PHOTO-PAINT in the side panel mentioned above. (fig 6) Any folder that is open, whether from Folders, Online, or My Collections, can be filtered by various means to pare down the list, making it easier to find what you are looking for. Filters include Font Status, Content Exchange, Font Tech- nology, Weight, Width, Style, Character Range, and Open Type. These are headings under which are choices with checkboxes. By selecting specific checkboxes within these various categories, only the fonts in the Font Panel that represent the selected filter appear. For instance, if I checked the box Installed under Font Status, then only installed fonts would appear in the open Font panel. Whatever is checked under any or all of the filter categories will be applied in the filtering process. (fig 7) fig 5 fig 6 fig 7

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