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A&E JUNE 2018 • 59 Sandcarving There are also some cabinets on the market that only have the openings with a seal ring but no gloves. This is an option, but find out if your skin is too sensitive to be exposed to the abrasive — it can cause a rash for some. Also, if you prefer working that way, you need to make sure to remove any jewelry or watches before beginning to blast, as they'll be exposed to a heavy dose of abrasive dust. Coming back to a setup with gloves, most manufacturers' assumption that "one size fits all" is hardly so. The best thing to do is to cut off the hand portion of the gloves and get yourself a well-fitting pair of latex gloves (or any material that you are not allergic to) and tape them to the gauntlet you left in the arm holes — you may actually stand a chance to be able to feel something when trying to hold glass items while blasting. In addition to being able to get your hands inside, there also has to be a means of placing your objects inside, which happens through a door of some sort. Cabinets can have doors that open to the front, the top, or the side, as well as some combination. Side doors are generally the easiest to get this accomplished. The door opening and interior size of the cabinet dictate the size of projects you can blast. In order to work in a cabinet, you also need to be able to see inside — a window allows you to do so. This window is usu- ally installed in a portion of the cabinet that slants away from the front at an angle towards the top of the cabinet. The viewing glass should be large enough for A pass-through cabinet with front-opening doors and outrigger support arms. The cabinet is shown with one arm hole with a gauntlet and glove while the other arm hole is sporting a brush; you can insert one or the other for whichever way you prefer to work. Inside a cabinet showing the expanded metal shelf. We often place a rubberized mat onto the shelf to protect glass items.

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