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60 • A&E JUNE 2018 you to easily see inside and see the com- plete inside space. Some windows are made from glass, others from Lexan. In order to avoid frosting the inside of the window, some cabinets use clear plastic lenses that are attached to the window from the inside with self-adhesive tape and can be easily removed and replaced. During the last few years, some manufacturers have introduced a technology that keeps an "air curtain" moving across the glass, thus preventing any abrasive from frosting the glass. The next item of utmost importance in any cabinet is a light source, which allows you to see in spite of the dust storm that takes place. In early commercial blasting cabinets, you only found fixed fluorescent tubes. Those are the worst possible choice for lighting when dealing with blasting glass. Fluorescent lights illuminate everything uni- formly and do not allow you to see high- The flexible hose attaches on the inside where the sand hose attached on the outside. The flexible hose only has a nozzle and cap attached to it, making it easy to work with it. This is one of the lighting possibilities: a magnetic light with a gooseneck that allows you to bend it in any direction needed. This is a baffle inside a cabinet that covers an air inlet opposite an opening for a dust collector attachment. The heavy sand hose terminates at the outside wall of the cabinet.

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