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June '18

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62 • A&E JUNE 2018 A t one point in time, there was only one awards company in all of Whatcom County, Washington, and they didn't offer laser engraving. The need was there, it just required someone to step up and fill it. Enter Randy Cross and his wife, Kathy. The couple had gained experience run- ning a laser engraving machine in a pre- vious business. Through hard work and some thorough investigation and research, the couple was able to take that experience and introduce the folks around the county to their first laser engraved products, and that was how it all began. IN THE BEGINNING In a previous life, Randy and Kathy produced country folk art, but they were no strangers to the art of laser engraving. "We had purchased an Epilog laser, which we used in the process of producing those products," Randy elaborates. Unfortu- nately, that business was not meant to be. "In 1996, we had to close that business due to imports at half our wholesale." But what might have been a tough situation actually presented a new busi- ness opportunity to the pair, whose laser engraving skills were needed in another industry: awards. Since there was only one awards company in the entire county, and since that business didn't offer laser engraving, the opportunity was a big one. "Here was our opportunity to bring this new technology to Whatcom County," Randy states. "We were able to introduce to Whatcom County the very first laser engraved products." And just like that, LaserPoint Awards was born. "Since we brought laser engraving to Whatcom County, we wanted to make sure the word 'laser' was in our name," Kathy elaborates. "It was Randy's idea to name the company LaserPoint Awards." According to Randy, the small business hit the ground running. "Our company was warmly welcomed and we succeeded right out of the box." CUSTOMER CARE The company, which is run only by Randy and Kathy, has enjoyed a lot of suc- cess over the years, and has even enjoyed being on the receiving end of an award or two. But for the couple, it's not about the money — it's about the customers. Randy is passionate about the topic. "Over the years, our dedication to the highest level of customer service, and the latest and innovative products, has pro- duced a loyalty and trusting nature in our customers that has produced meaningful and lasting relationships," he believes. The two run a business, but beyond the day-to- day operations, they truly love what they do, and they attribute much of their success to those relationships with their customers. By Cassie Green Shop Profile On-Point Customer Service: LaserPoint Awards makes customers a top priority In 2016, LaserPoint was recognized as Small Business of the Year by the Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce. ALL IMAGES COURTESY LASERPOINT AWARDS

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