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6 • A&E JUNE 2018 6 • A&E JUNE 2018 O ver the last few years, fewer people have tuned in to watch such awards shows as the Grammy's, Emmy's, CMA's, etc. There are reports of declined viewership and plenty of speculation as to why these shows have lost popularity. While you might be among the many who no longer watch, I'm willing to bet that at one time or another, you've seen these shows. Whether it's because we're truly interested in the content or simply curious about the "bigger picture" of awards products, most of us have seen even just a few minutes of these shows. At their core, these productions are all about pre- senting and receiving awards. How many times has a recipient gotten up and given the traditional acceptance speech, the one where they thank coworkers, managers, family members, and others who've helped them achieve success? Every time. It's almost expected that the recipient follows certain protocol; if he or she doesn't thank anyone, it's thought of as rude and prideful. In "Eight Rules for Presenting and Accepting Awards," Dale Carnegie talks about the acceptance speech. It doesn't have rules per se, but he does present some suggestions — warmly thanking the group and giving credit to those who have helped you are the top two. Receiving an award isn't just accepting a chunk of metal; rather, it's an honor and a privilege. Carnegie also lists as his final suggestion in accepting an award to end with a sincere expression of gratitude for the award/gift. That is where the awards retailer comes in. You aren't just another trophy shop; you are an artisan that creates something beautiful, something that sparks gratefulness and admiration. Without your skills, an award is just another hunk of metal. You make it special by adding names, full-color images, decorative embellishments, and so much more. As an awards retailer, you take something typical and make it extraordinary. Recently I had the privilege to talk to a few shop owners from California. They put out a call for community members to bring in their old trophies that the shop had made over the years. They shared that many people had kept awards for a number of years, and most had a special story or attachment to their trophies. These recipients were so grateful just to have that one special item that they felt the need to hold on to it. I'm sure most of these customers didn't receive their awards in some glam- orous location filmed on national television. They probably didn't have to make a speech. But they were thankful all the same. What an inspiration to the creators, the craftsmen, the retailers who spark such a powerful feeling. Until next time. INSCRIPTIONS Volume 31, Number 5 PUBLISHER Dan Peckham — EDITOR Cassie Green — ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Haleigh Erwin — Shanna Rowley — SALES SUPPORT Ryan Applebaum — ART & ADVERTISING DESIGN ART DIRECTOR Dayne Pillow PRINT ADVERTISING DESIGNER Kim M. Wright MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER Andrew Bennett EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTING WRITERS STEPHEN CAPPER, VINCE DICECCO, RUTH DOBBINS, MIKE FRUCIANO, KEVIN LUMBERG, JIM PUENTES, JIM SADLER, SEAN STEWART DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR Marley Jeranko — NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. PRESIDENT & CEO Robert H. Wieber Jr. VICE PRESIDENT/FINANCE Kori Gonzales, CPA VICE PRESIDENT/INTEGRATED MEDIA John A. Bennett VICE PRESIDENT/PUBLISHING AND MARKETS Dave Pomeroy VICE PRESIDENT/AUDIENCE Lori Farstad DIRECTOR OF IT Wolf Butler VICE PRESIDENT/NBM EVENTS Sue Hueg CEM, CMP — EXECUTIVE TRADE SHOW SALES MANAGER Brandy Jamison-Neth — EXHIBITOR SERVICES Janet Cain — Tyler Wigginton — WANT TO KNOW MORE? Visit our website at, where you can find tons of articles about the awards market plus all the latest news going on around the industry. And don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Have a topic you want to discuss? Give me a call at 720-566-7278 or email me at This Calls for a Speech Cassie Green EDITOR

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