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8 • A&E JULY 2018 With everything from substrates and ancillary tools to decorating machines themselves, manufacturing and the state of the economy certainly affect the awards industry. And while it might not experi- ence the same effects as the larger scale industries such as automotive and retail clothing, U.S. manufacturing still plays a role. By following the current state of manufacturing trends, awards producers can better understand their customers' purchasing habits and service their needs. Read on and get some insight from a few voices around the industry on the topic. U.S. VERSUS OVERSEAS The current landscape is divided when it comes to whether it's more beneficial to manufacture products overseas versus state- side in the awards industry. In a constantly changing environment, there are certain factors that dictate and influence the trends in manufacturing location. According to Michael Maxwell, Mimaki USA, factors such as cost and speed of delivery play a role in where products are produced. "Years ago, it was more benefi- cial to produce overseas due to labor costs domestically, and at that time, turnaround times were not as critical," he states. "As the internet became more and more integrated into our everyday lives, consumers started to demand faster delivery of goods." Although many consumers are looking for faster turnaround time, cost is still one factor that keeps manufacturing overseas in some segments of the industry according to Tom Jackson, Jackson Marking Products. He states that, specifically in the marking and stamp world, most of the manufac- turing is still done overseas. "The reason is quite simple … lower cost of manu- facturing overseas than domestically," he points out. He believes that, even though people like fast results, many of them are mostly looking to save a little money, which By Cassie Green Where It ' s Made A look at manufacturing trends and how it affects your business T he topic of made in the USA continues to be a hot one throughout the country. With talks on trade wars, shipping costs, and other political happenings, many conversations constantly surround the larger manufacturing picture. For an industry such as awards and personalized products, the topic hits closer to home than some might think.

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