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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2018 • 21 "Monetization through advertising works in high-traffic areas with a desir- able demographic," says Cahoy, though he warns that there may also be draw- backs. "That means giving up some of the space on a screen to an advertiser. The key is to understand the goal and the objective of the display. I think the vast majority of displays installed focus on ROO (return on objective)." Perhaps the best scenario is to create a mix of informative content with adver- tising if the intent is to generate dollars. Though, viewers tend to tune the mes- sage out if it's a hard sales pitch. Instead of sacrificing screen space for traditional advertising, users should research more creative ways to add to the bottom line. "I highly discourage anyone selling the concept of getting ROI based on advertising," Saret says. "The best way to monetize the content is by tying it to a call to action so it can be tracked. It's really about getting the right message to the right audience at the right time." Since there is more freedom to cus- tomize a digital sign versus a static sign, users are wise to take advantage of this benefit. Sign makers can act as a consul- tant to their customers and offer up advice on how to use the sign most effectively. "Customization is a great way to increase relevance," Smith shares. "This can be done by intended audience or through using external data to customize messaging to match different conditions." Smith cites an example he has seen with the Berlin-based food delivery ser- vice foodora, that ran a campaign that was tied to the weather. Customers were encouraged to order food for delivery during rainy periods and asked to pick up orders when it was sunny. "You don't need to have the same message going out all the time," sug- gests Smith, "so it's worth putting some thought into how targeted variety might be useful." For sign makers involved in digital signage, take a look at the content aspect of the display. It could be one more piece to add to your offerings. And the applica- tions seem to be limitless. SDG VISIT CALL 775.829.7272 Grippers Blade Sign Kits Custom Nuts Mounting Plate Finishing Cap Profile Turn up the Volume on Your Signs with ShopBot CNC At ShopBot Tools, we know that sign makers want to create unique, eye- catching designs. We also know that our CNC tools provide sign makers with the opportunity to amp up the effectiveness of the signs they make for their customers. Whether it's the power and precision of our Desktop or Desktop MAX tools, or the large scale capabilities of our PRSalpha 96x48, ShopBot's CNC tools give sign makers the ability to produce original, high-quality work both quickly and efficiently in a variety of materials — including wood, MDF, plastics, high density foam, and aluminum. For our full tool line-up visit our website. Then give us a call at 888-680-4466 We'll help you choose the right tool for the job. 888-680-4466 • Photos courtesy of SignMakers LLC in Canton, OH

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