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66 • July 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL tural sales for Howard Industries, a sign manufacturing company in Fairview, Pennsylvania. "For exterior wayfinding applications, it is crucial to use a com- pany that understands how to analyze both vehicular and pedestrian traffic flow. For interior applications, it is imperative to utilize a company that has extensive knowledge of the ADA-compliant sig- nage standards, in addition to possessing a firm grasp on the intricacies of building visitor navigation." Wholesalers can and will provide pro- motional materials, such as literature and samples, to resellers to help them sell the products to their customers, Kelly says. The materials serve as a point of refer- ence to guide the sale and the design and also to provide answers to typical ques- tions, he says. Sign companies focused on retail sales might not have materials readily available for that level of support. A Level of Expertise SignPro Systems, a division of Orbus Exhibit & Display Group, in Woodridge, Illinois, sells wayfinding signage systems to sign shops and advertising agencies that are specifying and selling to the end user. Orbus supplies and manufactures a solution based on what the dealer specs out as the clients' needs and works with the dealer partner to learn the applica- tion for use and necessary logistics for the sign systems, says Natalie Whited, vice-president of marketing at Orbus. The company provides a level of expertise in the manufacturing of the system, working with a team of engineers knowledgeable about product develop- ment and a sales team focused solely on marketing the solutions, Whited says. The company also has a full graphics service that can be provided to sign shops that do not have the capabilities to pro- duce their own images. "Part of it is it helps maintain a level of expertise within the realm of sign solu- tions," Whited says. "Not every sign shop can afford an engineer and production staff. We have expertise in engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Those, to me, are the biggest benefits This exterior wayfinding sign directs traffic to several buildings with pedestrian access and to parking. (Photo courtesy of Howard Industries) A curved directory sign for the Tri-State Medical Office Building in Lewiston, Idaho, with a list- ing of physician offices in Suite A. (Photo courtesy of SignPro Systems)

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