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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2018 • 67 we promote to our dealer network as far as why they should work with us for their sign solutions. It's all about service." Orbus's sales team serves as an expert in wayfinding, able to guide and teach customers how to prospect and propose projects to their own customers, Whited says. Team members are able to provide technical documents and marketing materials to help with the sales, as well as offer education and training about the product lines it offers, she says. "They become an extension of the dealer's team to make sure the right solu- tion is being pitched to sell to the needs of the end customer," Whited says. "We have people who go out in the field and visit dealers face-to-face about how the sign solutions work. Those salespeople do more than take an order… they really help provide guidance to the right solu- tion for the needs of the end customer." Customer Incentives As wholesalers, wayfinding signage companies can also offer a selection of products that are priced at good, better and best levels that meet their needs as well as their budget, Kelly says. "We are focused and determined to find the best product at the best price for each opportunity," Kelly says. Like Clarke Systems, Orbus can offer a lower price point that makes the prod- uct more affordable for its customers, Whited says. "We have a variety of different price programs for our distributor customers," Whited says. Orbus provides customer incentives through a variety of rebates and dis- counts. The company offers different quarterly discounts and promotions on certain product lines, but not usually on custom orders, Whited says. Discounts at Clarke Systems are rela- tive to the quantity and size of an order that result in cost savings for the cus- tomer, Kelly says. Additional discounts can be offered based on financial terms that establish the timing of payments, he says. The Ordering Process The process for ordering and receiv- ing differs for a wholesaler than a sign shop. Typically with a wholesaler, an order begins with a site survey and a decision on the quantity, placement and message content for the sign or signage system, Freeman says. "This information is then applied to the desired signage design, and once approved by the customer, manufactur- ing begins," Freeman says. "The dura- tion of the manufacturing and installa- tion process will vary from company to company depending on their lead time policies." Orbus, for instance, will take an order for a sign shop or dealer and blind-ship it to the end user, unaware that Orbus is the manufacturer or a partner in the wayfinding solution. Orbus also will ship the order directly to the sign shop. The orders are taken through a sales representative, who provides informa- tion and answers customers' questions, Whited says. Once the order is taken, the sign systems are manufactured and shipped based on the desired timeframe for delivery, though large orders will take longer, she says. The orders will consist of the sign, of course, along with the mounting hardware, graphic elements and support documentation relative to the installation. A flat building directory that lists the room numbers for the medical services in the building's east wing. (Photo courtesy of SignPro Systems) A flat wall wayfinding sign for a building's restrooms. (Photo courtesy of SignPro Systems) An exterior wayfinding sign to direct traffic to the Abundant Life Center & Fitness Center building and to parking. (Photo courtesy of Howard Industries)

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