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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • July 2018 • 69 "In the case of a large program, there will be ongoing communications that will allow for greater understanding of the project deliverables," Kelly says. "Moving from design to ordering is seamless. As for receiving the product, great care is taken to organize the order in a fashion to facilitate installation." The standard production time for most orders is two weeks, but on larger jobs, the delivery often will need to be phased according to the project schedule, Kelly says. "That is, a timeline with multiple goals can be created with the sign shop that supports the project's flow," Kelly says. "This includes consideration of other projects trade groups—for exam- ple, paint, wallpaper, flooring and ceil- ing—and their efforts within the same space." The orders often will carry a warran- tee—several sign solutions manufactured in the United States will offer longer warrantees, an advantage of working with a wholesaler, Whited says. "Orbus offers a lifetime warranty on its wayfinding systems," Whited says. Warrantees vary from company to company, but generally will be for one to five years on signage products, Freeman says. "Some projects—government pro- grams for one—may require longer peri- ods. If so, the request can be considered and modified if acceptable to all parties," Kelly says. When asked what advantages Kelly sees in a sign shop working with a local independent sign shop versus working with a wholesaler, he points out the pos- sibility of existing relationships and a home town advantage. "If someone feels more comfortable visiting with someone in the same town, then we can't compete with that," Kelly says. "Existing relationships and proxim- ity are two conditions that may direct a shop one way versus the other. Human nature's need for comfort and confidence will ultimately lead to a decision. But it is fact that a specialist will enhance the probability of a successful outcome." If the project warrants, Clarke Systems will join the customer to secure and develop the opportunity, Kelly says. But for customers that do not need a visit, they can send a drawing of what they desire in size and color or select from Clarke Systems' online catalog, which includes product images and descrip- tions, he says. Most orders, depending on quantity and scope, can be sent out in one to two weeks, he says. "With a wholesaler, it leads back to the engineering and expertise that is required surrounding the fact that we designed the system and there is team in place that manufacturers and produces it every day," Whited says. "They become experts in it. The expertise and capability is certainly the benefit." Wholesalers have their sole focus on the customer and "dedicate their efforts to fulfilling orders for an intermediate partner, the sign shop," Kelly says. "Our success and longevity as a wholesale provider is based on the help that we provide to shops every day, whether it is a large order or small," Kelly says. "Therefore, the probability of the wholesaler being able to deliver the needed support on a large project, when your shop can't, is much more likely than buying from an independent sign company." SDG A projecting wayfinding sign that directs traffic along two building corridors to the Check In area at the Tri-State Medical Office Building in Lewiston, Idaho. (Photo courtesy of SignPro Systems) A projecting wayfinding sign simply stating "Pharmacy" with an arrow pointing down- stairs for a hospital in Glens Falls, New York. (Photo courtesy of SignPro Systems) • Wayfinding: Design and Planning • Slatz ® Modular Systems • Custom Signs • ADA Signs WHOLESALE ARCHITECTURAL SIGN SYSTEMS CLARKESYSTEMS.COM 800-331-1891

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